Have you walked on water lately?
The Bubble Rollers™ Water Balls are created for you to walk or float on water; it's a real float tank! The Bubble Rollers™ Water Balls consist of a very simple but amazing design - you are helped inside, we fill it up with air, then close the zip and your fun begins. You can run, walk, skip, jump, roll and float on water. It's fantastic and soooo much fun. Battle Your friends. See who can stand the longest or walk the furthest. It's a lot harder than it looks but you will laugh the whole way through it.

They are 6.5ft diameter and made of a special material called TPU with an airtight/watertight zipper. Even the fittest person will be exhausted after a short period. It is a great way to stay in shape and use up both yours or your children's energy! However, beware, they will want to do it again and again.

Our Mission is to provide a safe, fun environment where children, teens and adults can engage in a new fun, healthy and energetic activity.

Human Hamster Balls on water
Lets you run, roll, flip and spin on water without getting wet!
For all ages, Used all over the world. Hugely popular with Children and adults.

Perfect for Swimming Pools, Lakes, Recreational Centers, Holiday Parks, Gyms, Hotels, Beaches, Fun Parks, Theme Parks, traveling fairgrounds, Shopping Malls, Sports Arenas. Anywhere in our inflatable pools.

The Bubble Rollers™ are a definite must for everyone and is a fun, energetic healthy way to keep Children (and adults) fit and happy.

How to master the art of Bubble Rollers™ Water Walking"
Just hold onto the sides of the ball and lean forward. Then walk or run slowly. After a little practice you will be Bubble RollingTM like a pro or at least like a Human Hamster in a ball.

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